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Table 1 Planes used for transthoracic examination of coronary arteries. Best results should be expected when views typed in bold are chosen

From: Imaging of all three coronary arteries by transthoracic echocardiography. an illustrated guide

LCA LM/proximal LAD Middle LAD Distal LAD
  mod. PSAX mod. PSAX AP3Ch
  mod. PLAX mod. PLAX mod AP5Ch
  mod AP5Ch mod A5PCh  
  mod AP3Ch mod AP3Ch  
  mod SubLAX mod SubLAX  
Cx Proximal Cx Middle Cx Distal Cx
  mod. PSAX mod. PSAX ?
  mod. PLAX mod. PLAX  
  mod AP5Ch mod AP5Ch  
RCA Proximal RCA Middle RCA Distal RCA (RPD)*
  mod. PSAX mod SubSAX mod. AP4Ch
  mod. PLAX   mod AP2Ch
  mod AP5Ch   mod SubLAX
  1. Abbreviations used in the table: LCA – left coronary artery LM – left main coronary artery LAD – left anterior descending coronary artery Cx – left circumflex coronary artery RCA – right coronary artery RPD* – right posterior descending (usually a distal branch of the RCA, but may arise from the Cx when the left coronary artery is dominant) mod – modified PSAX – parasternal short axis view PSLAX – parasternal long axis view AP5Ch – apical 5-chamber view AP3Ch – apical 3-chamber view AP2Ch – apical 2-chamber view SubSAX – subcostal short axis view SubLAX – subcostal long axis view