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Table 2 Diastolic flow and strain rate indices. (SD in parentheses)

From: Flow propagation velocity is not a simple index of diastolic function in early filling. A comparative study of early diastolic strain rate and strain rate propagation, flow and flow propagation in normal and reduced diastolic function

  E (cm/s) Dec-t (ms) IVR (ms) E/A PVFe (cm/s) Ea (cm/s) SRe (s-1) PVSe (cm/s)
Contr. 73.6(16) 73(16) 1.74(0.) 54.8 (5.5) 12.8(3.6 2.2(0.5 66.6(11.9)  
Pat. 64.9(15) 238(37.5 99(21) 1.02(0.3 69.9(13.5) 8.7(1.4) 1.5(0.2 29.6(9.6)
P: NS <0.005 <0.002 0.05 <0.002 <0.005 <0.001 <0.001
  1. E: Peak mitral flow velocity in early diastole. Dec-t: deceleration time of early transmitral flow. IVR: isovolumic relaxation time. E/A: ratio of early and late peak mitral flow. PVFe: Flow propagation velocity. Ea: Peak annulus velocity during early filling. SRe: Peak strain rate of early filling phase. PVSe: Strain rate propagation velocity.