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Table 4 Relationships between LVMI and echo parameters

From: Midwall ejection fraction for assessing systolic performance of the hypertrophic left ventricle

Factor Correlation coefficient (r) P-value
EF 0.136 0.3003
Midwall EF 0.731 <0.0001
Midwall FS 0.693 <0.0001
Longitudinal strain 0.552 <0.0001
S’ 0.386 0.0023
A’ 0.176 0.1794
E’ 0.389 0.0021
E/E’ 0.292 0.0234
  1. The abbreviations are the same as those in Table 3. LVMI = left ventricular mass index; The number of samples is 60 in this study. EF did not correlate with LVMI. There were significant correlations between LVMI and midwall EF, between LVMI and midwall FS. There was also significant correlatioms between LVMI and longitudinal strain. S’ and E’ also correlated with LVMI. Midwall EF had the highest correlation with LVMI.