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Table 2 Clinical features of the 8 Fontan patients

From: Visualization of the intracavitary blood flow in systemic ventricles of Fontan patients by contrast echocardiography using particle image velocimetry

Patient Age (years) Sex Defects
1 22 Male TA, VSD, subvalvular PS, left SVC
2 55 Female Ebstein's anomaly, VSD, TS
3 37 Female TA, VSD
4 29 Male DILV, VSD, pulmonary atresia
5 19 Female TA, VSD, subvalvular PS
6 23 Female cc-TGA, TA, ASD, PS, VSD, left SVC
7 35 Female DORV, TGA, PS, abnormal pulmonary venous connection
8 42 Female TA, VSD, ASD