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Table 1 Comparison of the total cohort of the study and the sub-cohort who had additional measurements of aIMT performed using manual sonographic calipers

From: Reproducibility of aortic intima-media thickness in infants using edge-detection software and manual caliper measurements

Variables Total Cohort Sub-cohort*
  (n = 814) (n = 290)
Sex (male) 433 (53%) 150 (51%)
Gestation at birth (weeks) Mean 39.4 (1.2) Mean 39.2 (1.2)
Age at time of scan (weeks) Median 5.9 [5.1-7.0] Mean 5.6 [4.9-6.1]
Birth weight (kg) Mean 3.6 (0.5) Mean 3.6 (0.5)
  1. *Subcohort had aIMT measured using both edge-detection and caliper methods.