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Table 2 Published reference data for right heart size/volume

From: Reference intervals for the echocardiographic measurements of the right heart in children and adolescents: a systematic review

Measurement Boettler[45] Bonatto[9] Daubeney[17] Gutgesell[20] Hanseus[46] Ichida[38] Innelli[22] Jin[23] Kampmann[14] King[24] Lange[48] Lester[39] Matsui[49] Norgard[51] Pettersen[29] Shedeed[40] Singh[41] Suleymanoglu[6] Vignola[12] Wessel[57] Zilberman[35]
Right atrium
Width      x   x               
Length      x                 
Area      x                 
Tricuspid valve
Area                  x     
Annular diameter    x        x      x       x
MV-TV distance      x                 
Right ventricle
Mid RV   x      x   x   x x   x   x    x   
RV Base      x   x               
RV Length    x   x   x        x        
RV Area x   x   x          x        
End-diastolic volume         x       x        
End-diastolic volume                   x    
Muscle volume         x              
Muscle volume index         x              
RV geometry                     x  
Outflow tract diameter   x   x x          x x   x     
Outflow tract length    x                   
Valve area     x                  
Annulus    x   x x        x   x       x
Artery    x       x       x       
  1. MV, mitral valve; TV, tricuspid valve; RV, right ventricle.