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Table 5 Published reference data of right ventricular function by pulsed Doppler velocities and time-intervals

From: Reference intervals for the echocardiographic measurements of the right heart in children and adolescents: a systematic review

Measurement Ayabakan[15] Cantenotti[59] Cui[16] Eidem[36] Eidem[18] Frommelt[19] Hershenson[60] Innelli[22] Ishii[8] Kapusta[47] Moiduddin[13] Mori[50] Roberson[53] Sarnari[32] Shedeed[40] Singh[41] Stines[54] Yasuoka[34] Zhendong[58]
Tricuspid systolic annular acceleration       x              
Tricuspid deceleration time       x              
RV myocardial performance index   x   x x     x     x       
Tricuspid E velocity   x    x   x x   x   x    x    x x
Tricuspid A velocity   x    x   x x   x   x    x   x x x
E: A ratio   x    x    x x x      x   x x x
A: E ratio             x        
E and A VTI                 x x   
A VTI                  x   
E flow velocity integral                   x  
A flow velocity integral                   x  
Tricuspid inflow area                   x  
% Atrial fraction                  x   
Presence of TR          x           
RV outflow velocity         x            x
RV VTI                 x    
Peak tricuspid velocity           x          x
Late diastolic velocity and VTI x                   
Peak systolic flow and VTI x                   
Peak diastolic flow and VTI x                   
Peak reverse atrial flow - R wave on ECG x                   
R wave on ECG – peak diastolic flow x                   
Peak diastolic flow - peak reverse atrial flow x                   
RV isovolumic times     x      x   x   x       
RV systolic duration               x      
RV diastolic duration               x      
RV systolic duration: RV diastolic duration               x      
  1. RV, right ventricle; E, early diastole/diastolic; A, late diastole/diastolic; VTI, velocity time integral; %, percentage; TR, tricuspid regurgitation; ECG, electrocardiograph.