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Table 7 Published reference data for right heart haemodynamics

From: Reference intervals for the echocardiographic measurements of the right heart in children and adolescents: a systematic review

MMeasurement Method Cantenotti[59] Cui[16] Daubeney[17] Eidem[36] Eidem[18] Hershenson[60] Innelli[22] Ishii[8] Kampmann[14] McQuillan[43] Mori[50] Pettersen[29] Roberson[53]
Time intervals
PV ejection period CW/PW Doppler     x    x x      x
Tissue Doppler   x            
PV pre-ejection period CW/PW Doppler     x          
Pulmonary artery diameter
PA diameter PSAX    x          x  
PA diameter Unspecified          x     
Right atrial pressures
E/Ea   x     x x x     x   
RV Systolic pressures
RV-RA gradient            x    
Pulmonary arterial systolic pressures
PASP RAP 10 mmHg           x    
Inferior VENA CAVA
IVC % collapse         x       
IVC diameter         x       
  1. PV, pulmonary valve; CW, continuous wave; PW, pulsed wave; PA, pulmonary artery; PSAX, parasternal short-axis; E, early diastolic velocity; Ea, tissue Doppler early diastolic myocardial velocity; RV, right ventricle; RA, right atrium; PASP, pulmonary artery systolic pressure; RAP, right atrium pressure; IVC, inferior vena cava; %, percentage.