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Table 1 Grading system of cardiac and aortic root calcium on echocardiographic examination

From: Cardiac calcium score on 2D echo: correlations with cardiac and coronary calcium at multi-detector computed tomography

Grade Papillary muscle calcium Mitral annular calcium Aortic valve sclerosis Aorta root calcium
0 Absent Absent Absent Absent
1 Present Mild < 5 mm Mild Present
2   Moderate 5–10 mm Moderate  
3   Severe > 10 mm Severe  
  1. Aortic valve sclerosis graded as follows: Absent = Normal cusp thickness (<2 mm), and normal reflectivity; Mild = Cusp thickness >2 mm and/or increased reflectivity; Moderate = Thickness >4 mm and/or diffuse or focal cusp hyperreflectivity; Severe = Thickness >6 mm and/or marked echoreflectivity. Final score was graded from 0 to 8.