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Table 2 Changes of vessel diameter after i. c. infusion of acetylcholine (ACh D2: 36 μg/min) compared with baseline diameter.

From: Lack of association between Chlamydia Pneumoniae serology and endothelial dysfunction of coronary arteries

n = 16 CP IgG < 1:16 (CP negative) CP IgG ≥ 1:16 (CP positive)
Increase of vessel diameter 2 (33 %) 7 (70 %)
No increase of vessel diameter 4 (67 %) 3 (30 %)
  1. The two groups were allotted according to their Chlamydia pneumoniae (CP) IgG serum titer. Two-tailed exact Fisher's test did not show any significant difference between both groups (p = 0.302).