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Figure 4 | Cardiovascular Ultrasound

Figure 4

From: Tissue Doppler and strain imaging: anything left in the echo-lab?

Figure 4

Representation of 2D-strain (speckle tracking) of the left ventricle in the apical long axis view in a patient with systolic heart failure. The upper right panel depicts the strain curves sampled in each of the analyzed myocardial segments. It is also possible to calculate a global strain index (GS), which in this case is clearly diminished (GS = 9,7%; see upper left panel). The lower left panel shows peak systolic strain for each segment while the lower right panel shows longitudinal strain processed according to a color map of curvilinear anatomical M-mode. From top to bottom: the basal, mid, and apical posterolateral wall, followed by the apical, mid, and basal interventricular anterior septum wall; in red the segments with higher contractility.

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