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Table 1 Indices of ventricular dyssynchrony obtained by tissue Doppler and strain imaging

From: Tissue Doppler and strain imaging: anything left in the echo-lab?

Method Parameter Cut-off
TVI Difference between peak systolic velocities of opposite walls [41] > 65 ms
PW- TDI Sum of interventricular and intraventricular asynchrony [40] > 167 ms
TVI Systolic time-to-peak velocity -SD [42] > 32.6 ms
TSI Systolic time-to-peak velocity -SD [46] > 34.4 ms
Strain Doppler Time-to-peak of negative strain (systolic or post-systolic) -SD [43] > 60 ms
Strain Doppler Sum of times-to-peak of post-systolic shortening [44] > 760 ms
2D strain Difference of time-to-peak of radial systolic strain [45] = 130 ms
  1. SD = standard deviation; PW-TDI = pulsed-wave tissue Doppler; TSI = tissue synchronization imaging; TVI = myocardial velocity curves obtained with color tissue Doppler; 2D Strain = two-dimensional strain (speckle-tracking). Modified from Galderisi M et al [49].