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Figure 4 | Cardiovascular Ultrasound

Figure 4

From: Ultrasound settings significantly alter arterial lumen and wall thickness measurements

Figure 4

Software used to measure lumen diameter and wall-thickness. Screen capture of the CIMT measurement software showing the detected lumen margins (yellow lines) and the wall thickness (red line) on a magnified region of interest from an image of Phantom C (Panel A) and a human artery with a similar lumen diameter and CIMT (Panel B). The mean, maximum, minimum and standard deviations of wall thickness (IMT) and lumen (Diameter) measurements are shown in the Study Results table. The individual measurements on each of the 44 frames selected for analysis are shown in the data table below the image (IMT in red and lumen in yellow). The effect of the cardiac cycle on lumen diameter is clearly seen in the data table for the human artery measurements (Panel B).

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