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Table 1 Gene mutations in sarcomere-related genes in HCM.

From: Clinical utility of genetic tests for inherited hypertrophic and dilated cardiomyopathies

Gene Protein Frequency (%)
MYH7 Cardiac myosin heavy chain beta 30–50
MYBPC3 Myosin binding protein C 20–40
TNNT2 Cardiac troponin T 5–20
TNNI3 Cardiac troponin I <5
TPM1 α-tropomyosin <5
MYL2 Cardiac myosin light chain 2, regulatory <3
MYL3 Cardiac myosin light chain 3, essential <1
ACTC Cardiac actin <1
TTN Titin rare
MYH6 α-myosin heavy chain rare