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Figure 1 | Cardiovascular Ultrasound

Figure 1

From: Prevalence and inter-relationship of different Doppler measures of dyssynchrony in patients with heart failure and prolonged QRS: a report from CARE-HF

Figure 1

TVI-, DLC-curves and TSI illustrating dyssynchrony. TVI curves (left) showing late systolic peak velocity in the posterior segments (yellow and blue). TSI (right), is a signal-processing algorithm of the tissue Doppler data to automatically detect peak positive velocity and then colour-code the time to peak velocities in green for normal timing, yellow-orange for moderate delay, and red for severe delay, in peak velocity showing dyssynchrony (orange) in the corresponding posterior segments and SR curves showing delayed longitudinal contraction (DLC, yellow) in the same segment after aortic valve closure (AVC).

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