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Table 4 Comparison of Metrics in Post-MI Patients versus Normal Subjects by Echo Indexed to Body Surface Area*: Means (SD)

From: Cardiac magnetic resonance versus transthoracic echocardiography for the assessment of cardiac volumes and regional function after myocardial infarction: an intrasubject comparison using simultaneous intrasubject recordings

Metric (unit) Post-MI (N = 47) Normals12*
LV EDVI* (ml/m2) 51 (19) 54.5 (9)
LV ESVI* (ml/m2) 27 (13) 22 (5)
LV SVI* (ml/m2) 25 (12) 22.5†
LV EF (%) 47 (11) 60 (6)
  1. †Derived estimate
  2. Abbreviations: MI = myocardial infarction. Echo = echocardiography. Left ventricular end diastolic volume index (LVEDVI), left ventricular end systolic volume index (LVSVI), left ventricular stroke volume index (LVESVI), left ventricular ejection fraction (LVEF)