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Figure 2

From: Incremental value of contrast myocardial perfusion to detect intermediate versus severe coronary artery stenosis during stress-echocardiography

Figure 2

Sensitivity, specificity and accuracy for each subgroup. Accuracy data with corresponding 95% confidence intervals for wall motion and wall motion+myocardial perfusion imaging to detect patients with coronary artery stenosis between 50% and 70%, ≥ 50%, or > 70%. In the intermediate (50%-70% stenosis) group only sensitivity can be calculated, since in this case patients with a > 70% stenosis cannot be classified, although key to specificity and accuracy measurement. In the CAD > 70% an abnormal test with angiographic 50%-70% stenosis is considered a false positive. * p < 0.001, † p < 0.05 compared to wall motion criteria.

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