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Figure 8 | Cardiovascular Ultrasound

Figure 8

From: Standardized ultrasound evaluation of carotid stenosis for clinical trials: University of Washington Ultrasound Reading Center

Figure 8

Error Checking Forms. A. No PSV values in the left PICA, MICA, DICA & ECA. Most likely cause is that the examiner entered the EAV for these values on an early version of the review form which did not include entry spaces for PSV and EAV separately. B. No velocity values are entered for the occluded Right ICA. In some Case Report Forms, "Occluded" was written into a space intended for the numeric value of 0.00. By policy, for locations marked on the Duplex Data Worksheet with Occl, the reviewer should mark 0.00 for PSV and EDV as a synonym for Occl. If the report states that the vessel is occluded but no entry or images are provided for the measurement location, the velocity entries were left blank, and "unverified occlusion" was marked as the interpretation

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