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Table 1 List of echo Doppler analyses tested for reproducibility by the Echo Study Group of the Italian Society of Cardiology

From: Methodological approach for the assessment of ultrasound reproducibility of cardiac structure and function: a proposal of the study group of Echocardiography of the Italian Society of Cardiology (Ultra Cardia SIC) Part I

Type of cardiac ultrasound analysis
1 Quantitative analysis of the left ventricle
2 Quantitative analysis of left atrium, aortic root and ascending aorta
3 Quantitative analysis of the right ventricle
4 Doppler derived left ventricular diastolic function (including pulsed Tissue Doppler of the mitral annulus)
5 Speckle Tracking Echocardiography and AFI-derived LV longitudinal strain
6 Real time 3D echocardiography of the left ventricle
7 Real-time 3D echocardiography of the right ventricle
  1. AFI = Automated function imaging, LV = Left ventricular