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Table 3 Main echo-Doppler parameters selected for reproducibility analyses.

From: Methodological approach for the assessment of ultrasound reproducibility of cardiac structure and function: a proposal of the study group of Echocardiography of the Italian Society of Cardiology (Ultra Cardia SIC) Part I

Echo-Doppler Modality/Technology Parameter
M-mode echo LV mass
  LV mass index (for BSA and height)
  Relative diastolic wall thickness *
2-D echo LV end-diastolic volume
  LV end-systolic volume
  LA volume
  LA volume index (for BSA)
  Aortic diameter at multiple levels
  RV diameters
Doppler-derived diastolic function Transmitral E/A ratio
  E velocity deceleration time
  e' velocity of mitral annulus (septal and lateral)
  E/e' ratio
Speckle Tracking Echocardiography Global longitudinal strain
  Global circumferential strain
  Global radial strain
  LV twisting
3-D echo LV end-diastolic volume
  LV end-systolic volume
  RV end-diastolic volume
  RV end-systolic volume
  1. BSA = body surface area, E = Transmitral E velocity e' = early diastolic velocity of the mitral, annulus, EF = Ejection fraction, LA = Left atrial, LV = Left ventricular, RV = Right ventricular, TAPSE = Tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion
  2. °Relative wall thickness calculated as (SWT - PWT)/LVIDD where LVIDD = Left ventricular internal diameter at end-diastole, PWT = Posterior wall thickness, SWT = Septal wall thickness