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Table 5 Comparison of A-F-based echocardiography performed by residents on call and examination reported by cardiologist

From: Validity of a 5-minute focused echocardiography with A-F mnemonic performed by non-echocardiographers in the management of patients with acute chest pain

A-F mnemonic Findings Concordance between the reports (%)
A Aortic dilatation 100
A Intimal flap 100
B RV dilatation 100
B RV overload (RV > LV) 100
C RWMAs 100
C Apical balooning 100
C Severely depressed global LV function 100
D Abnormal heart dimensions (mild left atrial dimension) 57,32
E Pericardial effusion 100
E Pleural effusion 100
F Further abnormalities (mild mitral regurgitation, mild/moderate tricuspid regurgitation) 70,76
  1. RV-right ventricular; RWMAs-regional wall motion abnormalities; LV-left ventricular.