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Table 2 Inter-rater reliability of the mean transit times measured in the right and left ventricle and of the pulmonary transit time of the two time moments between the eight raters. The coefficient of variation is expressed as a percentage

From: Reliability, repeatability, and reproducibility of pulmonary transit time assessment by contrast enhanced echocardiography

  ICC (95 % CI) Coefficient of variation (± SD) %
Right ventricle mean transit time 0.98 (0.97–0.99) 2.61 (3.00)
Left ventricle mean transit time 0.99 (0.98–0.99) 1.21 (1.18)
Pulmonary transit time 0.94 (0.90–0.97) 3.30 (3.35)
  1. ICC intra-class correlation coefficient, CI confidence interval, SD standard deviation