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Table 1 Advantages and drawback of Intra vascular ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging and high resolution trans thoracic echoacardiogram for the coronary artery investigation

From: Status and potential clinical value of a transthoracic evaluation of the coronary arteries

Method Advantages Drawbacks
Intra Vascular Ultra Sound High spatial resolution Invasive nature
Wall thickness measurement
Three layers coronary artery
Characterization of the vulnerable plaque
Safety wall vizualization
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Wall thickness measurement Low spatial resolution
Characterization of the vulnerable plaque Technically challenging (cardiac and respiratory motion, small size and non linear course of the coronary vessels)
Magnetic resonance angiography
Safety Low availabitity
High cost
High Resolution Trans Thoracic Echocardiogram Wall thickness measurement No visualization of the entire coronary arteries
High spatial resolution No characterization of the vulnerable plaque
Doppler information
Availability Need for a good acoustic window
Safety Artifact if calcification
Low cost