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Fig. 3 | Cardiovascular Ultrasound

Fig. 3

From: Modified transesophageal echocardiography of the dissected thoracic aorta; a novel diagnostic approach

Fig. 3

Visualization of the distal ascending aorta (DAA) during elective aortic root replacement in a 43-year old woman with Marfan syndrome; the bispectral index indicated a compromised cerebral perfusion. Panel (a) Conventional TEE with inadequate visualization of the cannulation site due to the “blind-spot”. Panel (b) Same view (DAA, long-axis) after inflation of the endotracheal balloon, showing a limited iatrogenic dissection (red line) with extracorporeal perfusion of the false lumen. 1. Trachea with inflated endotracheal balloon; 2. True lumen; 3. False lumen; 4. Perfusion jet

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