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Table 2 Number of arteries with low or high maximal wall thickness parameters, stratified according to CCA plaque presence (Mannheim criteria). Using maximal wall thickness parameters as risk markers instead of Mannheim criteria results in reclassification of subjects towards another risk category. For example, the thickness-to-IMT ratio (right columns) reclassifies 70 and 25 subjects towards a higher and lower risk category, respectively, in total 26%

From: Definition of common carotid wall thickness affects risk classification in relation to degree of internal carotid artery stenosis: the Plaque At RISK (PARISK) study

CCA plaque Absolute maximal wall thickness Thickness-to-diameter ratio Thickness-to-IMT ratio
  <1277 μm >1277 μm <17% >17% <129% >129%
No 176 55 185 46 161 70
Yes 1 139 7 133 25 115
Total 177 194 192 179 186 185