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Fig. 7

From: Equivocal tests after contrast stress-echocardiography compared with invasive coronary angiography or with CT angiography: CT calcium score in mildly positive tests may spare unnecessary coronary angiograms

Fig. 7

Accuracy data to predict CAD >50% at iCA, when WMSI or CFR-LAD were assessed as predictors. CAD = coronary artery disease, PPV = positive predictive value, NPP = negative predictive value, WM = wall motion, WMSI = wall motion score index, CFR-LAD = coronary flow reserve of the left anterior descending coronary artery

It should be noted that while wall motion data were collected in 100% of patients (314/314), CFR-LAD measurement was available only for 209/314 patients (66%), due to lower technical feasibility. CFR-LAD accuracy data are calculated using available data and excluding patients in whom CFR-LAD was not measurable.

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