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Table 3 Logistic models for evaluating the risk of 90 days mortality

From: Comparison of the prognostic values of three calculation methods for echocardiographic relative wall thickness in acute decompensated heart failure

Calculate method and factorUnadjustedAdjusted by GWTG
Event/casesOR95% CIP valueEvent/casesOR95% CIP value
High- to low-RWTPW48/3372.
High- to low-RWTIVS + PW48/3371.260.681.260.4648/3371.190.632.250.6
High- to low-RWTIVS48/3370.860.470.860.6448/3370.80.421.520.5
  1. CI confidence interval; GWTG Get With The Guideline score, OR odds ratio; RWT relative wall thickness