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Table 4 Relationship between RWTs and clinical characteristics

From: Comparison of the prognostic values of three calculation methods for echocardiographic relative wall thickness in acute decompensated heart failure

ρP valueρP valueρP value
Age, y0.150.0030.170.0030.170.001
LogBNP, log (pg/mL)−0.2<  0.001−0.150.003−0.110.039
LVEF, %0.42<  0.0010.47<  0.0010.43<  0.001
LVEDV, mL−0.67<  0.001−0.74<  0.001− 0.69<  0.001
Systolic blood pressure, mmHg0.150.0040.0940.0650.0630.22
  1. LogBNP logarithmed brain natriuretic peptide; LVEDV left ventricular end-diastolic volume; LVEF left ventricular ejection fraction; ρ, Spearman’s correlation coefficient