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Table 1 Parameters of CPET and normal values

From: Cardiopulmonary exercise testing and echocardiographic exam: an useful interaction

VariablesMeaningNormal values
Peak VO2Highest oxygen uptake (aerobic capacity)> 85% of predicted
Varies with age sex activity level, weight, use of betablockers
Ventilatory threshold (VT)Represents the moment at which anaerobic metabolism increases (aerobic-anaerobic switch)Between 40 to 60% of peak VO2
Ventilatory volume/carbon dioxide output (VE/VCO2) slopeCorresponds to ventilatory efficiencyBetween 25 and 30
Peak respiratory exchange ratio (VCO2/VO2)Reflects metabolism< 0.8 at rest
> 1.1 physiological maximal effort
Peak Heart rateChronotropic competencePeak rate > 85% of the predicted
Heart rate recoveryMaximum HR minus HR at 1-min recovery> 12 bpm
End-tidal PCO2Identifies the perfusion state> 33 mmHg at rest
> 36 mmHg during exercise
O2 uptake efficiency slopeAdditional logarithmic model of ventilatoryefficiency< 1.4
Peak VE/Maximal voluntary ventilation (MVV)Reflects the ventilatory reserve15–20%