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Table 6 Correlation of LA volume and function parameters with mean TIMI frame count and number of involved artery

From: Incremental value of three-dimensional echocardiography for evaluating left atrial function in patients with coronary slow flow phenomenon: a case control study

 Mean TIMI frame countNumber of involved artery
LA 2D Volmax (mL)0.270.0070.220.03
LA 2D Volp (mL)
LA 2D Volmin (mL)0.290.0030.250.01
LA 2D total ejection fraction (%)−0.150.13−0.220.02
LA 2D active ejection fraction (%)−0.240.02−0.320.001
LA 2D passive ejection fraction (%)−0.020.81−0.060.56
LA 3D Volmax (mL)0.280.0070.250.01
LA 3D Volp (mL)0.320.0020.270.009
LA 3D Volmin (mL)0.41< 0.0010.42< 0.001
LA 3D total ejection fraction (%)−0.58< 0.001−0.63< 0.001
LA 3D active ejection fraction (%)−0.35< 0.001−0.43< 0.001
LA 3D passive ejection fraction (%)−0.160.11−0.170.10
  1. Abbreviation: LA left atrium, 2D two-dimensional, 3D three-dimensional, LA Volmax maximal LA volume in ventricular systole just before mitral valve opening, LA Volmin minimal LA volume after mitral valve closure, LA Volp LA volume at the onset of the P wave on electrocardiography