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Table 2 Results from 3D echocardiography, deformation imaging and shear wave imaging in the 10 patients post septal reduction therapy (group 3)

From: Local myocardial stiffness variations identified by high frame rate shear wave echocardiography

  No scar detected Endocardial scar Transmural scar
Longitudinal strain 0 7 3
3D echocardiography 1 6 3
Scar present in the PLAX imaging plane 1 6 3
Shear wave imaging (PLAX imaging plane) 2 5a 3b
  1. aAll patients had abnormalities in the inner myocardial layer only
  2. bAll patients had abnormalities in both myocardial layers
  3. PLAX Parasternal long-axis view of the left ventricle