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Table 4 Echocardiography related to the composite endpoint of mortality, pulmonary tromboembolism and renal failure

From: In-hospital COVID-19 infection echocardiographic analysis: a Brazilian, tertiary single-centre experience

Echocardiography Parameter
Parameter P
Left Ventricle Ejection Fraction 0.709
LVGLS 0.865
RVFWLS 0.754
Left atrium 0.922
Septum 0.374
LV Posterior Wall 0.905
LVDD 0.845
LVSD 0.471
RV diameter 0.417
Aortic Root 0.582
PASP 0.392
TAPSE 0.064
FAC 0.851
RV Diastolic Area 0.695
RV Systolic Area 0.439
E/A Ratio 0.128
Mitral Valve DT 0.810
E/e' lateral ratio 0.505
E/e' septal ratio 0.129
Tricuspid regurgitation Velocity 0.003
Student t test  
  1. LV left ventricle, RV right ventricle, LVEF left ventricle ejection fraction, PASP pulmonary artery systolic pressure, TAPSE tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion, FAC fractional area change, DT deceleration time, DD diastolic diameter, SD systolic diameter, E/e' ratio protodiaslocic mitral valve inflow ratio (pulsed Doppler/Tissue Doppler)