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Table 1 Variables included in the RVD score and their cut-off values indicating RVD

From: A novel echocardiographic right ventricular dysfunction score can identify hemodynamic severity profiles in left ventricular dysfunction

  Parameter Cut-off
RV afterload Doppler SPAP (mmHg)  ≥ 40 mmHg
RV size RVEDA/BSA (cm2/m2)  > 12.6 (men), 11.5 (females)
RV longitudinal function TAPSE (mm)  < 17
Tricuspid regurgitation Multiparameter  ≥ grade 2
RAP IVC collapsibility (%)  < 50
  1. IVC Inferior vena cava, RAP Right atrial pressure by echocardiography, RV Right ventricle, RVD Right ventricular dysfunction, SPAP Systolic pulmonary artery pressure, RVEDA/BSA Right ventricular end diastolic area indexed to body surface area, TAPSE Tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion