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Table 1 Gender-specific medians for the right and left common carotid artery intima-media thicknesses and external diameters*

From: Bilateral common carotid artery ultrasound for prediction of incident strokes using intima-media thickness and external diameter: an observational study

Gender Vascular parameter Median
Men (n=3330)   mm
 RCCA IMT 0.663
  Diameter 8.092
 LCCA IMT 0.676
  Diameter 7.997
Women (n=4107)   
 RCCA IMT 0.609
  Diameter 7.303
 LCCA IMT 0.603
  Diameter 7.199
  1. *Determined by B-mode ultrasound.
  2. RCCA and LCCA = right and left common carotid artery respectively.
  3. IMT intima-media thickness.