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Table 5 Univariate relations (r coefficient and significance) of three-dimensional-derived strain components in the pooled population

From: Structural and functional changes in maternal left ventricle during pregnancy: a three-dimensional speckle-tracking echocardiography study

Variable GLS( P -value) GCS( P -value) GAS( P -value) GRS( P -value)
Gestation period(w) −0.286(<0.01) −0.268(<0.01) −0.299(<0.01) −0.296(<0.01)
LVmi(g/m2) 0.176(>0.05) 0.133(>0.05) 0.220(<0.05) 0.170(>0.05)
Sphericity index 0.264(<0.01) 0.191(>0.05) 0.328(<0.01) 0.316(<0.01)
LA index(ml/m2) 0.253(<0.01) 0.171(>0.05) 0.258(<0.01) 0.269(<0.01)
3D EF(%) 0.436(<0.01) 0.472(<0.01) 0.549(<0.01) 0.541(<0.01)
  1. Abbreviations as in Tables 2, 3, and 4. Values of GLS, GCS, GRS and GAS considered as ‘positive’ (sign +) to build the univariate relations in order to homogenize the results of analyses and strengthen their clinical meaning: the higher the values, the better is the strain deformation independent of the plus/minus sign.