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Figure 1

From: Common carotid arterial interadventitial distance (diameter) as an indicator of the damaging effects of age and atherosclerosis, a cross-sectional study of the Atherosclerosis Risk in Community Cohort Limited Access Data (ARICLAD), 1987–89

Figure 1

Age-specific, adjusted B-mode ultrasound common carotid artery diameters for study subsets, ARIC Limited Access data, 1987–89. *Age-specific diameters were estimated for each risk subset using betas determined from stratified models after adjusting for basic variables (race, sex, and height) and after adding risk factors (body mass index, SBP, DBP, current smoker status, usual ethanol intake (gms/week), fibrinogen, and years of smoking). **Adjustment was to the covariate means/proportions of persons age 45 to 50 of each subset. Diamonds indicate pre-existing disease subset; triangles indicate high risk subset; squares indicate low risk subset; Solid symbols indicate basic adjustment and open symbols indicate risk factor adjustment.

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