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Table 1 Effect of SGLT2 inhibitors on cardiac function

From: Effect of sodium glucose cotransporter 2 inhibitors on cardiac function and cardiovascular outcome: a systematic review

Improved cardiac parametersOther evaluationaSGLT2 inhibitorReference
Clinical studiesT2DM12 weeksLV mass index, e’NoEmpagliflozin[23]
T2DM12 weeksLV mass index, E’NoCanagliflozin[24]
T2DM24 weeksLV mass index, LA volume index, E/e’NoDapagliflozin[25]
T2DM24 weeksEF, E/E’NoTofogliflozin[26]
T2DM24 weeksEDVCMREmpagliflozin[27]
Animal experimentsdb/db mice5 weeksE’/A’, E/E’, CO, SV, LANoEmpagliflozin[31]
ob/ob mice6 weeksE, DT, Tau, EDPVRPV analysisEmpagliflozin[10]
SKO mice8 weeksEF, E/A, DT, IVRT, LV wall thicknessCMRDapagliflozin[42]
BTBR mice8 weeksEF, FS, EDV, ESV, LV wall thicknessNoDapagliflozin[15]
CRDH rats11 weeksLV mass, ESd, E/A, DT, IVRTNoEmpagliflozin[32]
db/db mice4 weeksENoEmpagliflozin[22]
SHR rats12 weeksEDV, ESV, ESPVR, dP/dtPV analysisEmpagliflozin[11]
KK-Ay mice8 weeksEF, FS, EDd, E/A, LV wall thicknessNoEmpagliflozin[16]
Human, mice and ZDF rats30 minE/A, IVRTNoEmpagliflozin[43]
Pre-DM rats4 weeksEF, ESd, LV wall thicknessPV analysisDapagliflozin[12]
Non-DM mice2 weeksEF, COEx vivo perfused hearts modelEmpagliflozin[19]
Non-DM pigs8 weeksEF, LV mass, EDV, ESV, GLS, GCS, GRSCMREmpagliflozin[20]
Non-DM rats10 weeksEF, LV massNoEmpagliflozin[21]
Non-DM rats145 minPRSWPV analysisCanagliflozin[13]
Non-DM rats4 weeksLV mass, ESd, Tau, Wall stressPV analysisEmpagliflozin[14]
Non-DM mice4 weeksEF, FS, ESd, LV massNoDapagliflozin[44]
DCM mice6 weeksEF, EDd, ESdNoEmpagliflozin[17]
  1. A velocity of late mitral flow, A’ late peak velocity of septal annulus, CMR Cardiac magnetic resonance, CO Cardiac output, CRDH Cohen-Rosenthal diabetic hypertensive, DCM Dilated cardiomyopathy, DT E wave deceleration time, E velocity of early mitral flow, e’ early peak velocity of lateral annulus, E’ early peak velocity of septal annulus, EDd End diastolic diameter, EDPVR End diastolic pressure volume relationship, EDV End diastolic volume, EF Ejection fraction, ESd End systolic diameter, ESPVR End systolic pressure volume relationship, ESV end systolic volume, FS Fractional shorting, GCS Global circumferential straining, GLS Global longitudinal strain, GRS Global radial strain, IVRT Isovolumetric relaxation time, LA Left atrial, LV Left ventricular, PRSW Preload recruitable stroke work, PV Pressure-volume, SGLT2 Sodium glucose cotransporter 2, SHR Spontaneous hypertensive rats, SKO Seipin knockout, SV Stroke volume, T2DM Type 2 diabetes mellitus, ZDF Zucker diabetic fatty
  2. aOther cardiac functional evaluation except echocardiography