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Table 1 Demographic and clinical characteristics of 10 subjects included in quality control procedure

From: A multicentric quality-control study of exercise Doppler echocardiography of the right heart and the pulmonary circulation. The RIGHT Heart International NETwork (RIGHT-NET)

Variable Value
Mean ± SD
Age (years) 67.2 ± 11.3
Sex (male/female) 2/8
BSA (m2) 1.7 ± 0.2
BMI (Kg/m2) 25.2 ± 2.2
Systolic blood pressure (mmHg) 129 ± 24
Diastolic blood pressure (mmHg) 77 ± 12
Heart rate (bpm) 74 ± 11
 Healthy subjects 1
vPAH 1
 CTD 1
 CHD 1
 Patients with CAD risk factors 2
 LHD 2
 Lung disease 1
 Post-PE 1
  1. BSA, body surface area; BMI, Body Mass Index; CAD, coronary artery disease; CHD, congenital heart disease; CTD, connective tissue disease; LHD, left heart disease (coronary artery disease and heart failure); PAH, pulmonary arterial hypertension; Post-PE, post-pulmonary embolism; risk factors (hypertension, dyslipidaemia); SD, standard deviation. Data are expressed as number, mean ± SD